Pizza to go

Having never created a gadget myself I can only guess that most gadgets are created because some person who gets easily annoyed (like me perhaps?) finds a little something in their life so annoying that they must create something to make the annoyance go away.  Like having to match socks or the inconvenience of skiing with a ghetto blaster

Pizza box bag

This one makes me laugh though as I am not sure who would find it a) so annoying or b) carry pizza boxes often enough that they had to run home and start making a prototype.  To clarify, this is actually a special pizza carrying bag, the guys at pizza express did not just cut off the corners of a carrier bag for me (although they could have…..and I still would have probably blogged about it). 

Thoughts? I love it cause I didn’t realise how annoying it was to carry pizza boxes and now when I do it without a bag I find it really awkward, I might have to start carrying one of these around for emergency pizza takeaway situations. 

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One Response to Pizza to go

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like to go for a long walk and get my take away pizza on the way (cheaper and a great goal to have while walking!), so I googled how I could carry these pizza boxes and was glad you posted this photo. It is an important invention for all of us out there, who are extra scared of tripping and falling -especially with pizza boxes in our hands!

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