I’ll have what she’s having

I am a big fan of all things gossip so tend to be the type of person who believes everything she reads….I am struggling with this one though.  Apparently after the Brit Awards on Wednesday night, someone bought Kylie Minogue a £35,000 cocktail. Could this really be true?  Could someone have really spent £35,000 ($69,937.72 Canadian dollars) on a drink?

Want to know what was in this thing?

– Louis XII cognac,
– half a bottle of Cristal Rose champagne,
– brown sugar,
– Angostura bitters, 
– pieces of 24-carat edible gold leaf

AND, wait for it….
an 11-carat diamond ring in the bottom of the glass

That’s not a drink, that’s a marriage proposal! AND after a half a bottle of champagne the suitor probably had a pretty good chance of getting a yes (but it wasn’t a marriage proposal and she didn’t say yes, I don’t want to be accused of spreading nasty gossip I’m just sayin’)

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