It could be genetic

I am a shining example that neither cooking or sewing skills are genetic as my Mom is fab at both however I can barely thread a needle and would rather spend hours on the internet finding the best food delivery website than actually cook.  But, I was thinking of my gadget obsession today and actually laughed out loud when I remembered a particular gadget my parents had….it was called the Bone Fone (thanks to Mom for remembering the name) it was brilliantly orange (wasn’t everything in the late 70’s) and promised to revolutionise the way you listened to music.   All I remembered is that it had arm straps so I could loop it over my neck run around the house singing (genetic as well, got it from Dad) with it on and it didnt’ fall off.

Bone Fone

As this hilarious advertorial tells you (click on the ad to read it full screen)…..

The Bone Fone was invented by an engineer who liked to ski. Every time he took a long lift ride, he noticed other skiers carrying transistor radios and cassette players and wondered if there was a better way to keep your hands free and listen to stereo music”

Seriously? people skied with  transistor radios and cassette players?  Can you imagine wiping out on the slopes and not only having to collect your skis, poles, hat and gloves strewn all over the piste but having to look for your double A batteries and tape player before the guy behind you skied over your Wham Make it Big cassette? I am sure we can’t even imagine how many skiers were saved by this gadget!

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3 Responses to It could be genetic

  1. Kirstin says:

    OMG this is HILARIOUS! i love it. I’m laughing out loud… I’m also a little drunk.

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