I neeeed one


I think I have mentioned my love of gadgets before…whether it’s a sock clip, fake tattoo sleeves, a thing that stacks beer in your fridge or something highly more technical I feel the need to have it.  As a result, none of you should be surprised when I read about this gadget and decided I needed it.  

Its called chumby and its basically an alarm clock turned wireless device that allows you to check your email, facebook, ebay,  weather, stock quotes, entertainment updates (gossip), listen to music, display photos…virtually anything you can do on a PC but streamed to your alarm clock (oh yeah, it can also wake you up).

Currently I to wake up at 6:37 (cause 6:35 is too early and 6:40 is too late) get out of bed, turn on my computer, connect to the internet (yes connect, our service is so crap its not on all the time)  then check my mail, google reader and facebook all before hopping in the shower.  With chumby however, I could do all of that without having to get out of bed…I might even get to sleep in til 6:40 as I wouldn’t have to wait for it to boot up like I do with my laptop!

…My 30th birthday is only 298 days away so I thought I should start throwing out ideas.

Source: Chumby site

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One Response to I neeeed one

  1. lorraine bentley says:

    You are SO like your mother!!! I wait for her to buy, use and critique before I purchase. Hope you get one before your birthday! Love Aunty L.

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