They got it right!

Being in marketing my entire working life I am quite conscious of how brands deal with their loyal customers.  I believe that customer service can be one of the most effective marketing tools that will either work for or against…that is why I am always pleased to see when companies get the customer service bit right (although I admit it hasn’t happened much over here…pretty sure I could fill a blog on bad customer service but will try to refrain)

A few Sundays ago after my hubby’s 30th birthday we were a little hungover and had to figure out where we could get lunch delivered from as we couldn’t fathom leaving the flat to pick something up.  We didn’t feel like pizza necessarily but chose Pizza Hut as you could get a bunch of sides with your pizza….nachos, cheezy potato wedges, chicken fingers, wings and 2 litre drinks (please note, that was not a list of all the things you could get…it was our actual order). 

I was also happy to see that you could place your entire order online through their fairly user friendly website –  they even gave you an option to have different toppings on each half of the pizza and at the check out, it told me what meal deal I could choose which ended up saving me £3. 

Anyway, long story longer we placed our order and waited an hour…with our stomachs just about to digest themselves we got a call from the Pizza Hut that received our online order informing me that the order came through to the wrong store and that they couldn’t deliver to our area!!!  Almost in tears of disbelief and hunger I took down the number for head office as not only could he not deliver but he couldn’t refund my online payment.   I quickly re-ordered from the correct Pizza Hut but probably would have chosen another restaurant had my heart not been craving the nachos so badly.

I was disappointed about the whole online debacle as there are load of people that are hesitant of using the internet for things like pizza dleivery and if they have an experience like mine will probably be weary of online transactions in general – which isn’t good for the industry as a whole.  When i called customer service I did express my disappointment at the glitch as the rest of the process was so easy that this really put she agreed to look into it, apologised and refunded my money for the incorrect order. 

The best bit is that I came home the other night to a letter of apology and a £10 gift certificates for our next order. Very well done as you have now virtually guaranteed another order from me, someone who was definitely iffy on your brand based on the last experience….I do however think that I will order over the phone as I am not 100% convinced the post code glitch will be fixed.

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