Happy Valentines Day 2009 (and update on today’s WTF)

Okay so the story with the reptile package (see post below) is this…the guy in the office upstairs bought his tortoise, called Jack, a fancy new house with heat lamps etc (which was in the box – NOT the tortoise itself) but sadly, Jack died yesterday before his new flat got delivered…RIP Jack. 

Anyway back to my normal ramblings. I have been wanting to blog about this site but keep forgetting – the site is called http://www.futreme.org/ and is essentially a new spin on the time capsule activity that we did in grade school.  You remember that exercise, you write a letter to yourself 10 years in the future (at the ripe old age of 19 when you are all growned up).  Then you bury all the letters on the playground of the school along with a thermos full of (Tim Hortons) coffee to see if it stays warm for a decade (it won’t – sorry kids).  This is the same concept however you write yourself (or someone else) an email then specify a delivery date in the future. 

So come on, in the spirit of Valentines Day why don’t you write yourself a Valentine to be delivered this time next year and see how 2008 treated you – it guarantees you will receive a Valentine next year and is much easier than burying a card in your garden .

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One Response to Happy Valentines Day 2009 (and update on today’s WTF)

  1. You could even take this one step further and put togeher a full digital Time capsule using text, music, copies of web pages (we call them web grabs), video and photos.

    Our site at http://www.The100YearWebSite.com allows you to do this.

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