What? No cinnamon hearts?

Cinnamon Hearts!

I just realised as Valentines Day edges ever closer that they don’t seem to have Cinnamon Hearts.  I remember going to Bulk Barn (for those Brits reading this, Bulk Barn is an entire store of pick and mix but not just for serve your own sweets it includes flour, sugar, cereals, nuts etc etc) and buying pounds of cinnamon hearts and eating them until my teeth and tongue turned red. The best ones I think were by Ganong and were a perfect mix between sweet and cinnamon spicy – they came in a little plastic container which wasn’t re-sealable so you HAD to eat them all in one sitting….well, at least I did!

I wish I had though about this earlier as Mom was kind enough to send me a care package of Ziploc bags and twist ties after my last rant…thanks Mom!

PS Now that I think back, Bulk Barn is kind of an odd sounding place to buy food – it seems like a place for you to buy hay and grain….in bulk of course.

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3 Responses to What? No cinnamon hearts?

  1. kizandtango2008 says:

    Another secret lurker on your blog. well..not secret…but a lurker none the less !
    Actually, wondered if you could mail me and tell me what template ur using for your blog?

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  3. noactive says:

    What? No cinnamon hearts? .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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