No I didn’t win…

Unfortunately I have not been off spending my £94 million but I did win £12.40 which did come in handy at the pub.

I have actually spent the last few days hanging around London with one of my best friends who was visiting from Canada.  As usual we hit Oxford Street for some serious shopping however on our way I think we detoured and ended up in 1986…while perusing the shops we came across Converse sneakers, 80’s style Reeboks (I think they were called high top princess) and leg warmers. 

Leg warmers…nothing worse than cold calves High top ConverseRetro Reebok!

Up until this point of my life I thought I was too young to ever mutter the phrase ‘everything old is new again’.  I officially said it on the weekend while buying a pair of hot pink leg warmers, maybe I will wear them when the New Kids on the Block come to town for their reunion tour.  I ♥ Donnie Wahlberg.

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