Idiot tax

Euro Millions

Well, I paid my idiot tax today on my way to work in the form of 6 tickets to tonight’s Euro Millions draw. Yes, I know i have a better chance of being hit by lightning, being invited out to party all night with Britney Spears or getting hit by lightning while out partying with Britney but I don’t care…why?

Because the draw is for £95 million…that converts to:
127,113,788 Euro
$187,275,128 Canadian Dollars
2,379,884,853Maldivian rufiyaa

That would be enough for us to finally own a house in London, maybe even with a garden and I could do my grocery shopping at Harrods…or better still, hire someone to do my grocery shopping at Harrods! Call me an idiot but lets see who’s laughing tomorrow when I jet off to the Maldives to ponder how to spend my winnings.

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