Happy lemony crepe day!

I was in Sainsbury’s last night and noticed a large display of pancake mix (which makes sense) but the other half of the display were squeezy bottles of lemon (?). Being the culinary genius that I am wondered for a second if maybe lemon is the secret ingredient in pancakes that I had just never noticed Mom adding.  After asking around the office this is what I have learned:

1) ‘pancakes’ as they call them here aren’t big and fluffy they are paper thin (aka crepes)

2) you can eat them with maple syrup (properly), whipped cream, chocolate spread or with lemon juice squeezed on top (hence the clever lemon/pancake display)

3) they are eaten as dessert!

Not sure at what point crepes became fat or pancakes became thin but something got lost in translation…and I am finding myself craving a stack of pancakes smothered in butter and Canadian maple syrup with a side of bacon for dinner.

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3 Responses to Happy lemony crepe day!

  1. Kirstin says:

    Hey A! OMG I just found your blog and it makes me so happy!
    BUT to the point: I’d forgotten about godforsaken crepes with lemon and sugar that my British mother used to make us on pancake day. I’m here to tell you that they’re gross and the day I discovered fat pancakes with butter & Aunt Jemima was one of the happiest of my life… my ass, however, has been paying for it ever since. Mmm, pancakes…

  2. Emma says:

    Ha….i use to love my pancakes with lemon juice and sugar! got to love those british mums…they know how to do it right 🙂

    love the blog adrienne, i too just discovered it.

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