Waitrose does it again…

I was reading one of the 3 free papers I read on the tube each day (its really only 1 set of stories told 3 different ways).   Anyway I came across an article about my beloved Waitrose who is launching ‘a green packaging initiative to cut down use of damaging plastic containers’*

and what might this initiative be?? 

Waitrose Milk Bags

Milk bags! and I continue to quote…. ‘Waitrose will start selling pouches of milk, alongside special jugs to use them with’*

Gasp…you mean those things we Canadians have had in our fridges since before I can remember?  The only thing I don’t understand is why they are bothering pouring the bags into the ‘special jugs’.  We kept the entire bag in the jugs (click here for a great site dedicated to our milk bags, click on steps for the full details).  Which to me seems a bit more sanitary and convenient than pouring the milk into the plastic container then having to clean it out each time you add more milk.

Although I do admit, cutting the right size hole in the bag is a bit of an art as if you cut it too small it takes ages to get a glass of milk and if you cut the hole too big the entire contents of the bag comes rushing out in one giant tidal wave (usually all over the table and inside the lovely plastic milk bag holder). 

The key for most Canadians was having of these handy milk bag cutters on hand at all time (well actually magnetised to your fridge)

Milk bag cutter 


If this bag milk phenomenon takes off I might start selling the “Canadian cutter’ door to door…lets see who’s innovative then Waitrose!


*quote taken word for word from the Observer article you can read for yourself right here

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6 Responses to Waitrose does it again…

  1. Amanda says:

    Hey A

    Only you could find a web site dedicated to Canadian milk bags!! lol

    Love your blogs – they are great!


  2. sylvia says:

    WHY is she POURING IT in?!!?!?!? Is this bizarro world.

    And until I read this, I didn’t realise that I missed milk bags! wow

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  4. Antoinette says:

    I think pouring milk into your pitcher defeats the purpose of milk bags and it’s a lot messier, By messy I mean you have to clean your pitcher after each use.

    The best pitcher I have seen is the Nevada Milk Bag Pitcher With A Lid. With this pitcher you place the milk bag into the pitcher, slide the lid on , snip a small hole in the bag and pour your milk. Once in a while you may want to give it a clean .This milk bag pitcher with a lid also keeps your milk colder and fresher longer because it’s enclosed. I highly recommend this pitcher and I am providing the link to the company .


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  6. Stacy says:

    Gross… there is no way I would ever convert to milk in a bag. It seems so unsanitary with all that air getting to the milk, it can’t be good.

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