On my way to work

Nothing really to rant about today…thought I would share a picture of some of the houses I pass on my way to work every day…..look pretty impressive today against the beautiful blue backdrop!  I am sure I will be back to ranting tomorrow but for today I will enjoy the sunshine and nice weather.

Sunny day
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One Response to On my way to work

  1. sylvia says:

    Here’s what I don’t get. People often say that Notting Hill was this bohemian affordable area until Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant made that movie and all American expats who were transfered from NYC to London insisted on living there. As a result, the yanks flooded in, prices soared, and the original tenants had to move out and now Notting Hill is super expensive to live in.

    Here’s the part I don’t get. look at the SIZE of those houses?!!? Unless 25 people were living in each one I don’t see how this area was ever anything but expensive. The ceiling heights, the huge windows, the quiet tree lined streets. I just don’t buy it.

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