See, I’m not the only one

I am not afraid to hide it…I am a Coronation Street fan.  It started before we moved as Canada does get the show (it’s almost a year behind though) and I have continued to watch it as it is conveniently on during the dinner which suits me as its far easier to eat dinner in front of the TV than clear the clutter off our kitchen table and eat there. 

In Canada people seem to be hesitant in admitting to watching the show but once you admit to watching ‘Corrie’ to another fan, you are bonded for life.  Here it seems that admitting to watching the show is a bit more taboo and people look at you a bit funny and carry on pretending they didn’t hear you….I truly believe they are all closet fans…wanna see the evidence ??

WARNING NOT SUITABLE FOR CANADIAN VIEWERS- Clicking on this link will tell you which cast member has recently left the show which wont’ be aired until 2009 in Canada 😉

More than 12 million see XXXXX’s Corrie exit

Either I just haven’t run into one of those 12 million people or its the country’s favourite secret past time.

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