Not exactly correct…

tube map

I have always heard that the tube map is not geographically correct…it is laid out the way it is to make it look nice and simple to use…and I agree that it is but sometimes you forget and think its an actual map and the pretty lines are streets.  It works for some places ie the stops on the Central line (red line) are quite accurate as in the center of town they are all on the same street (unfortunately the street is not painted red – that might be fun though).  It wasn’t until I started working in a new area that realised you can’t use it as a street map.  I work near Bayswater/Queensway tube stations.  Now when you look at the map they look far apart and it looks like if I want to walk between them I have to walk through lovely Notting Hill…that is not the case. Check out the actual map to see where they are (Green dot is Bayswater, Red dot is Queensway)…… 

Bayswater to Queensway

They are on the exact same street and if you stand at Queensway, you can actually see Bayswater, its about a 1 minute walk (1 minute 30 seconds including rush hour pedestrian traffic).  

As a result, I would suggest that anyone visiting the city, should not rely on your tube map to get you around…get an A to Z map and you will fit in just perfectly (the A to Z a proper street map that Londoners use to prove they aren’t tourists).

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One Response to Not exactly correct…

  1. sylvia says:

    What’s also ridiculous is that the general noth south position is backwards!!

    The tube makes Queensway look more south than Bayswater … but it’s not, it’s the opposite!

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