Have a seat…

I just love the logic in this….you book a ticket for a movie (either online or in person) and you get to choose a specific seat!!  How brilliant is that, there is no need to show up an hour before the movie to make sure you get your favourite spot…middle for the good view, aisle for easy access to the toilet.  You don’t have to throw your coat over the seat beside you to ‘save’ it while your other half goes for the popcorn…its genius…but again its not.  All the theatres in Canada need are some sticky numbers to affix to the seats and a computer programme which obviously their Cineplex counterparts in the UK and every proper theatre show in the world already have and going to the movies is instantly less stressful!

Just in case you were wondering, we saw PS I love You and I cried through the whole thing, forget the theater for this one,  rent it and sit with a box of tissues!

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One Response to Have a seat…

  1. Amanda Heffernan says:

    A, Pam sent me your blog as I have been feeling the January, Mommy of 2 blues and I have to say that I am instantly feeling better. Chris and I had a date and went to see PS I Love you, my sister and mom had gone and told me to take kleenex and stupid me I forgot. Well, my face was red and blotchy leaving the theatre and my sleeve was damp from wipping (how do you spell that) my tears and nose on it…lovely, picturesque sexy date eh? (thought I’d get Canadian for you) but I loved it and will probably rent it at home with a box of tissue when it comes out.

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