There’s a gadget for everything

Another adjustment we had to make when moving here was to stop using our dryer…I would like to blame it on ecological reasons – wanting to use less energy and be greener but its mainly cause the dryers here suck. 

The dryer in our flat was hard to find at first…turns out…its the washer!  Once the wash is finished the dry starts however it is the worst dryer I have ever used, the clothes come out smoking hot – not joking there was proper steam on them.  But they are also still soaking wet.  Anyway as a result we almost always have clothes scattered around the flat in various stages of dry-ness.  I have gotten used to this but the issue i had was with socks.  By the time we did a sock load we usually had 50 pairs of socks scattered between the tv room, bedroom, balcony so pairing them up was a pain in the butt.  I figured I wasn’t the only one with this problem so I googled ‘sock clips’ hoping there was such a product and stumbled on these…the Cyclops sock clips.

Cyclops Sock Clip

When you are finished wearing your socks, you clip them together and throw them in the laundry bin, they go in the washer clipped together and come out and can be hung up on a drying rack or clothes line via the little hook on the back….a brilliant solution for a lazy, gadget freak like me!

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One Response to There’s a gadget for everything

  1. Peachy says:

    I totally agree. The Cyclops are a lifesaver! We all wear white socks here and it’s so nice not to have to match socks anymore.

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