Warm towels and Saturday post

As we approach our 2 year anniversary of living in London I was thinking about some of the things I have come to love while living here as well as a few things I miss from home.

I love
– Saturday mail delivery (and the fact that you can shop online from just about any store in the UK; Marks and Spencer, Boots , Topshop, IKEA, etc)
– no fees for cash withdrawals, you can use ANY banks cash point and don’t ever get charged (unless they are dodgy ones in a corner shop or bar)…also you can pay using your debit card online everywhere
– higher voltage  – amazing for hair dryers as they are super hot and almost blow the hair off your head, microwaves as food cooks in half the time and your kettle boils in less than a minute!
– radiators in the bathroom, not sure I can go back to a cold towel when I get out of the shower
– Sunday roasts…I love that Sundays are meant for having a hangover, a fry up and meeting the locals in the pub for your mid afternoon lunch
– 25 days holiday plus 8 bank holidays AND they are still trying to fight for one more bank holiday as we have the least in all of Europe!

I miss (besides friends and family)
– twist ties, I only use them about 4 times a year but I did struggle for an alternate closure solution when those times cropped up
– proper Ziploc bags, they have ‘re-sealable’ bags here but it takes 10 minutes to line up the both sides and when you do get it closed it’s shut so tight that when you try to open it you rip the bits of plastic above the zip which you were using for leverage
– chicken wings, Swiss Chalet and Tim Hortons (these were submitted by the hubby if you couldn’t tell)
– customer service – believe me, they have never, ever heard the phrase ‘the customer is always right’

I am sure there are more in each category but that’s a start!

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