Food and wine pairing on a new level

More posts on food!  This time on one of my favourite snacks….crisps (okay chips but I have to say crisps over here or they think I am talking about french fries).  Anyway they definitely have different flavours here than they do at home like cheese and onion, roast chicken, prawn cocktail, steak and onion, marmite (not joking) but this ‘festive favouirte’ I thought topped the list.  I do have to give credit to those scientists working at Walkers who can make potatoes taste just like Mom’s Christmas turkey….next year though they have to add in the cranberries.

Turkey and Stuffing



Another anomaly in the crisp aisle was this display below.  First of all since we can’t sell liquor in the same store as we would sell crisps you would never see this in Canada second of all….who would think to have wine with crisps?  Don’t get me wrong, I never need a reason to finish off a bag of crisps or a bottle of wine I just never thought of doing in the same sitting.   This seems to take food and wine pairing to a whole different level.  I do think that their new poncy flavours like Vintage Cheddar & Red Onion and Carmalised Onion and Sweet Balsamic Vinegar sould a bit more like somehting i woudl eat while cracking open a nice Cabernet Sauvignon however I am still a bit skeptical.  I think i will stick with a bag of salt and vinegar and a beer…..

Walkers and Gallo



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