For the love of Waitrose

I am a bit of a Sainsbury’s girl when it comes to grocery shopping – mainly due to proximity to my home and work.  Today however we ventured out of our comfort zone and went to a Waitrose.  I was immediately impressed by the carts that had a handy list holder…being a list maker, I appreciated this (as you can see, I immediately affixed my list to said holder). 

Waitrose cart

Their produce was lovely and they seem to carry quite a few brands that I don’t tend to see on the shelves of my local shop.  I was taken however by their Waitrose store products which is very trendily packaged with a white label and each product is described by some lovely marketing speak which I was instantly taken with.  I had to pick up a few herbs (pronounced with a hard “H” here in Britain versus ‘erbs’ as I am accustomed to) and was delighted to see that I wasn’t just getting ordinary herbs I was getting Majestic Basil, Sunkissed Oregano and Scented Thyme.  The pretty marketing almost makes up for the fact that everything seems just that little bit more expensive than their competitors.


Now I just have to turn my scented, majestic and sunkissed herbs into something edible for our guests tonight…fingers crossed.

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2 Responses to For the love of Waitrose

  1. A Young says:

    So.. how did the food turn out?

  2. sylvia says:

    Scented Thyme?!? I should hope it’s scented! love it!

    But what I love more is the list holder… that is genius!

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