Skating in London

I guess I didn’t’ realize how much I took it for granted that in the winter, when its -30 with the wind chill, its not hard to find any flat surface to skate on.  You grab your pretty white Canadian Tire brand skates and head off to any park, lake or puddle and have a little skate.
It wasn’t until today when we actually saw how much time, effort and freon it takes to maintain an ice skating rink in a climate that barely dips below 0.  Below are some pictures of the rink in progress in Hyde Park and the finished rink at the Natural History Museum. Check out the Londoners in the matching blue skates…can’t get those at Canadian Tire!


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2 Responses to Skating in London

  1. Anonymous says:

    Black skates not white skates!

  2. you're aweful says:

    No white skates all day every day! To hell with black skates!

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