I love my blackberry but…

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my Blackberry.  But there is one downfall with the pearl keyboard – I don’t mind the 2 letters per key thing because I the predictive text is relatively intelligent enough to figure out what word you mean when you start typing.  The issue is with the words that use the same keys, some examples below

yes – tea
tube – tune
are – see
hey – get
pub- pin
god- hod  – (my personal fave ) FYI a hod is as  a
trough carried over the shoulder for transporting loads, as of bricks or mortar apparently

I am far too lazy to proof read my emails which has resulted in numerous emails sounding something like this: ‘Oh hod, the tune was running late but I will are you at the pin.’At least now, if you receive an email like that from me you will know what I really meant.

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