My foray into blogging

I figure it is about time that I try this blogging thing…I’m a little late to the game and am really not sure who will actually read this but I have never been one to turn down an outlet to express my thoughts on stuff…so here goes.
True to the title of the blog I am starting off with a bit of a rant on the London tube system. Don’t get me wrong, I do think its fab, it puts the Toronto transit system to shame and was built 100 years ago which fascinates me BUT I have recently changed jobs and therefore need to take different tube lines to work one of which is the Circle line. In principle its a great line, its a lovely yellow colour on the tube map and travels in a circle so the name and direction is easy to remember.

The issue I have is that it is CONSTANTLY delayed…fine, big city, loads of people…but, its the reason for the delay that bothers me….staff shortages. How can you consistently not know how many staff to have on hand? I have figured out the solution however, hire McDonald’s shift managers to staff the tube lines. Think about it, how many times have you walked into a McDonad’s restaurant and they’ve said “I’m sorry, we can’t serve you your McChicken as we have a staff shortage”. If the McDonalds managers can plan for a Friday night dinner and get everyone served then i think they can get everyone to and from work.

One thing I do have to give TFL credit for is that they are at least honest by telling us that the tube delays are due to staff shortages, in Canada they wouldn’t dare admit such an error and would blame it on an electrical failure like they do when people jump in front of the trains.

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3 Responses to My foray into blogging

  1. Bianca says:

    and McDonalds will never shut down because a person has fallen under the grill 🙂

  2. jeremylee says:

    Recently I made a valid complaint to McDonalds customer services dept. about McDonalds poor standards at thier Harben Parade branch at Swiss Cottage, London NW3. The complaint concerned slow service, abrasive attitudes, and matters about unacceptable hygeine standards.

    The complaint was passed on to the store by customer services, following which the store’s manager, Bakry, promptly banned me from the store. He did not deny that my complaint was valid, but was told that I was banned simply becauseI I had made the complaint in the first place. Their management team consists entirely of immigrants, having come here on dodgy visas and the like, and all of which in favour of my ban, which shows how much we are now under the control of illegal immigrants.

    Perhaps this is consistent with McDonalds training practices. It would appear that you have to accept their adverse practices without question or suffer the consequences, as I myself did.

  3. you're awful says:

    Jeremy, who exactly are you talking to? Nobody cares brother.

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